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So the game has a habit of changing your gender once in a while. It is a little odd when your character has a big, great beard, and a whimsy female voice.

Please make it so that you can choose between male, female or both under customization.

The female crying after getting shot to death is also a little annoying.

@xiddy I suppose you can't choose yet because it's still a Beta.

@Nick-Kim Even if you don't like it, female combatants exist. If you really think that only nurses can be female, then you are a victim of some stupid prejudices of society.

I think since it's Beta, there is more freedom to experiment with whatever the game offers. I really don't think it's intended for female character to have beard. Guess the game glitched with what character has whose voice acting.

@nick-kim Though it is true that the male gender outnumbers the female gender in military in the general sense, that does not mean that women should never appear in a contemporary FPS video game (instead of COD:WW2 and BF5 claiming realism all the way; that was ridiculous as hell). They are less prevelant, but there are still women in armed forces, and since INS:S is based on contemporary times, it's more realistic to see a woman fighter compared against what the two games I've mentioned did.

I believe the female character (from the campaign) in INS:S are based off of the Kurdish Armed Forces (Peshmerga) since they do have a significant amount of female fighters in the gender ratio and that the game references the current conflicts in the Middle East (the Peshmerga is in the middle of the Syrian Civil War and have fought against the current government on Iraq I think), so I disagree with your opinion that there shouldn't be playable female characters in INS:S.

Besides, despite the game's contemporary background, the game is still fictional, so the developers can add in whatever they feel it's appropriate while maintaining realism. I don't think they'll go far with female characters.

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The thing I find more difficult is the mixed voice choices for characters which leads to security forces now sounding like the old insurgents. I keep hearing "I am throwing a grenade" and thinking run!

Can voices be bespoke to both sides, with obvious regional variations?

@boocheus said in Wrong gender:

They arnt stupid. Women should stay the hell out of conflict. They arnt made for it. Yes in this game it makes sense but women should not be fighting. End of. Disagree with me, disagree with nature.

That may be somewhat true in hand-to-hand combat (though, I've seen my 130 pound wife arm-bar and throw to the ground a 250 pound Marine - hand-to-hand combat is more about technique and body mechanics than strength, but strength helps). Modern combat relies more heavily in shooting skills and remaining calm under pressure. Neither of those are gender-specific.

Still, this is a game. Let people play whichever gender they want to. It's even more ridiculous to tell a female player they can't play a female character because it's not "realistic."

On the co-op side the gender ratio of bots is a bit odd. I feel like the Security forces are about 50% female, which does seem a bit weird.

@boocheus You might want to educate yourself before making assumptions about gender and combat. A simple google search on resistance fighters like YPG or YPJ for this matter should she some light on why some of the females depicted in this game are present. Military conflicts aren't always comprised of official armies with standards like gender, physical fitness etc...

There are some funny instances where you'll have a male model but with a female voice.

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except this isnt a nato force, this is some local security force and they already have all female units in the middle east.

@boocheus said in Wrong gender:

@tallsfalls said in Wrong gender:

some stupid prejudices of society.

They arnt stupid. Women should stay the hell out of conflict. They arnt made for it. Yes in this game it makes sense but women should not be fighting. End of. Disagree with me, disagree with nature.

Looks like someone needs to read up a little bit...

@nick-kim You try to back up your facts, but you're just being misogynistic, especially with the 'nurse' comment.
Not to mention security forces are mainly local militia, and are somewhat based off the kurdish PKK.
Looks like you didn't do enough research.

@staryoshi06 said in Wrong gender:

You try to back up your facts, but you're just being misogynistic, especially with the 'nurse' comment.
Not to mention security forces are mainly local militia, and are somewhat based off the kurdish PKK.
Looks like you didn't do enough research.

First of all, I love women.
I love my mother, I love my sisters, I love my daughter, and I love my wife.
I am not being misogynistic.
Please do not misunderstand what I am trying to say.

Kurdish Women's Defense Unit (وحدات حماية المرأة‎,) is made up of Light Infantry only.
The militia depicted in this game might not be Kurdish militia because there are helicopters in this game.
The size of Kurdish Women's Defense Unit is about 24,000
The total manpower of Iraqi Civil War Security Force is about 600,000

At least, there should be an option that can turn off female characters.
I dont want to see children and women dying in battle fields.
The female character in this game sounds like 16-year-old girl.
It is very disturbing to hear 16-year-old girl screaming in pain.

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@nick-kim The militia in this game is supported by an actual army, hence why they have helicopters. There are also US forces working alongside them. There's a reason there's a US voice for males but not females (afaik).

@nick-kim Okay, I really don't think there will be children in INS:S, or in any FPS game in the near future, contemporary or very ficitional, AAA or not. If I'm wrong when children are shown or referenced in the campaign, then they would probably do what MGSV or what MW2 did that fails the missions when you harm children/civilians. NWI as an indie video game business, I really don't think they want to focus their time into depicting an extremely dark subject of warfare, nor want the media to negatively paint INS:S as a controversial game in that nature.

As for the Kurdish Women's Defense Unit, it's true that their numbers aren't great against a government military, but the numbers are large enough for people to see that thousands of women are fighting in armed conflicts. And think of it this way, the background of Insurgency is about western mecenaries (acting as security) fighting against insurgents/terrorists. I'm very sure that in INS:S's campaign, the female character they advertised is a Kurdish fighter working with the security forces as either an ally or a local guide of the territory they hired. The Kurdish Armed Forces are currently allied with Western forces, so it's entirely not too out there with having female Arabic fighters in INS:S based on current events and factions. And light infantry or not, they are out their at a distance or in close quarters trained with weaponry. Arabic armed forces in general are surprisenly effective in their history. Why do you think we still have a problem figthing terrorists to this day since GWB's time with the biggest military budget in the world? ?

And with the helicopters, they could be owned by security working along side Kurdish supporters, and there are real mercenaries groups that have THAT much funding for support vehicles like that, including an A-10 (ridiculous, but realistic enough in security have gained more funding after INS). If the insurgents can buy grenade-dropping drones and chemical gas, then probably Kurdish support can afford support helicopters. Fictional, but realistic enough to not be too out there.

And honestly c'mon, you made yourself sound like a stereotype misogynistic right winger saying, "If you think that there should be female characters, then you are a victim of political correctness." Who's known to keep using that term all the time to describe modern liberals? You could of just said you were unconfortable with hearing the dying screams of women (I get it, NWI goes very far with dramatic war-genre voice-acting, and that's what they're focusing toward). The voice actor does sound young (doesn't mean a young adult can't have a high-pitched voice), and with the male voice acting, both dying screams are terrifying, but that's the point, and it's a game so the one thing hurt is their throats after recording.

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I believe gender should be random, and a low chance, meaning that around 5% of a force will be female or even lower.

@bluemouse The protagonist of the campaign wasn't really allied with US forces, infact those forces would have acted as a nuisance. However in INS:SS's multiplayer security is mainly made up of local Arabic forces.

@staryoshi06 Sure. I mean for mercenaries acting as security, it's better to hire native locals for the language barrier and knowledge of the land.

I don't really remember too much about the campaign's story. Still lots of unknowns, including the development behind the campaign, but it's understandable for an Arabic protagonist see an international armed force to come down there and act like they're world police.

@bluemouse From what we know the campaign had 4 playable characters (cooperative) and was basically a 'road trip'. I assume it was those 4 characters crossing the country in the pickup truck you see in the trailer.

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