How to set FPS Limit?

FPS seems to be locked on 60. >Can I unlock it in in any config.ini ?

I dont know if u have another version of the game but i have the option to set the fps to 120 60 30 and no cap right in the graphic menu

In my options there is a menu point called "framerate capacity" chooseable values are: 30,60,120,240,none

I am able to reduce the framerate down to 30 fps there. but it wont apply if I pick 120, 240 or none... it stays on 60 fps capped. Im running a GTX1080

What I tried also is to higher the fps limit in the config.ini. This didnt work neither 😕

The problem appeared after one of the patches. I was running high fps in the game before.

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Hi, sorry for not responding sooner - you were trying to lock the frame rate higher than 60fps, right? Were you able to lock it at 60?

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@b-havoc Hi there, this tone isn't acceptable here.

The keys we provided were closed beta keys. Now that the closed beta is over, these keys have been deactivated.