So I installed the Beta. Was about, idk, some 1X (that means ten-something) GB I think. Worked. Played one
round in Coop to test things (got flamed for a "we can do this" with STFU (thx community. O_o)) and after
couple minutes game crashed. Sent the report with automatic restart. didnt work 3 times. Game was still
"running". So didnt run while sending thopse reports. But was still in the task manager and when
opend per mouseclick on Icon the same frozen Screen appeared as before.
So yeah. Killed the task, tried to reopen the game, wont. Steam said something about "Update" but
didnt load. Then the message "You need 4X GB free disc space" appeared. (Oh, brings me to a very
early happening: It said I need 4X GB of space and later just downloaded those 1X GB. Now that I made
">40GB Disc space it downloads something. IDK. First it said there will be 40GB, now its 46,9MB (MEGAbyte)
and did 100% on it. Then it restartet with a load animation bar (Still on steam Libary) and just downloaded.
Now it says, afert downloading fpr est 15mins at ~2GB/sec ready. Ill save this test and press play and
write an Update after.
Ahhh, Im back!
So, I started the game, worked. I closed it, tried to start again, "already running" mssage. Killed a "Background
process" with 0,1mb RAM usage called "Insurgency sandstorm", and I could join it again.
Worked pretty fine so far, still have my stable 30FPS if nothing special like an enemy is appearing happens.
Great! Another thing: I know, with AP ammo even Pistols were kinda OP. But now you need to headshot an
enemy or you could just go over and pet him. Would hurt him more. Emotionally I guess. I mean, sure,
no one dies because of a 9mm bullet in the leg. But after 5 bullets to an arm something should happem.
Edit: saw in Coop a human player who just "fell" through the groudn on this clusterfuck oilrig thing map.
Upper body was visible. Could fire and after getting hit (and died) by the enemy the body was full on the
surfacw again. Aaand, on Coop, in the game loading screen, theere sould be 8 players on the right "team
overview" side. Sometimes a quantity "X" appears on the left side of the team menu. Played in the same
team anyway.

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