Game lengths and map selection

One of the problems I had with insurgency sandstorm is the game lengths. They are surprisingly short in comparison to insurgency2. Matches in this game don't feel like full length rounds at all while insurgency2 had full length rounds that gave time and opportunity to change the game for your team and think what impact you can create. In Sandstorm however, time feels limited to make any opportunity at all. It's like your forced bum-rush now without thinking about the ability to flank or counter the flanks from your enemies. Also matches aren't really consistent when it comes to ending them. In Insurgency2, matches were won when the team reached 3 round wins. Now in Insurgency Sandstorm, its really inconsistent. It's like matches will end on any random given number depending on which team won. Most of the time I think I experienced it to be only 1-2 rounds, having a rare sight of 3 round wins to actually finish the match. Another problem I have with game lengths is the matchmaking's specific tendency to join mid game which I find it annoying since I tend to join mid games in insurgency when I only first join the server. Now I have to rely on a shoddy matchmaking system that barely works at times as I have to press the matchmaking button again when it fails. I want the ability for me to pick the server I want to get into with ease, not a matchmaking server that forces me to wait and impatiently see it fail.

Another thing I've wanted to counteract mid games and minimizing time for games to start is map voting from the previous insurgency.
Map voting makes it where full servers and players themselves not to rely on a faulty matchmaking system. Instead they can vote and choose for themselves for a new map without going to the menu screen repetitively going to matchmaking which is buggy ATM. Mid games can be also abolished when players in servers can all come together and start a fresh game without missing out on the fun.

I know insurgency sandstorm is trying to be an E-Sports game like the other competitors out there by implementing a matchmaking system and making it simpler for players to join games for those who don't understand or find it primitive to find a server to play on, but at least give a direct option for us to start fresh games for us as players and the ability to join games directly without matchmaking or to join our friends. I like the idea of matchmaking but for a game like insurgency I prefer it old school because I find it easier and faster for me that way.

Matchmaking, unfortunately, is a dominant part of the console world man. This part of the game I feel is them breaking onto the console market. It will not be a dominant method of joining games for any pc gamer... it's a just for now type thing.

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