Kicked cause of EAC violation?

After the hotfix i was able to play 1 game. Now I get kicked by EAC all time. Anybody else got same problem?

Confirmed, exact same deal over here.

Edit: Just stopped occuring as well. No idea what it was.

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me too, unreal and EAC crashes.

I had the same problems.

It crashes all the time.

first time(on Friday) it crash 3 times and then it run descently(it always run slow) but it kick me out for the EAC problem.

Today I couldn't play. It crashed every time.

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ITs probably being caused by your RGB controller. I disabled mine and it stopped

@killah I have the same problem, too. I could play 3 or 4 times and since then I got this error everytime a match starts. Annoying. Any solutions for that?

@killah After a few times it started to work again. Since then no issues anymore. Don't know what it was, I didn't nothing in the settings or something like that.