Hellow everyone and thanks for reading my feedback to Fear the Wolves.

First of all i wanna say sorry for my bad english,
and i didnt really know where to put that in i hope its the right section for it if not pls move it and sorry for putting it here.

So..... I REALLY enjoy this game it makes so much fun and its not like the other Pubg "clones" its special with its own
Well what i got to say is that the wolve spawns are strange one time i only had a pistol and i got to fight 7 wolfs in total in the whole match and the other time i was fully equipped but there only spawned like 2 wolves whole match.
Then about the Frames i mean u should really do something about it, i mean when the game starts everything runs perfect but the more zones are closed the less fps i have and the harder it is to play, when theres like 8 Zones levt it start to be unplayable and i dont enjoy to play in the endzone cuz it goes down to 15- fps and even less when the zones start to close all in one i had fun playing and would love to play more if the endgame laggs will be solved (and i dont think its my computer i mean i can go to big citys in early and lagg there in late and i can play pubg medium graphics with 50+ fps so my guess is that there are toooooo many particle effects cuz of the other zones that are closed but still generate i dont really know what the problem is i just hope u can fix it somehow.

Greeting CupCakeSuou :p

Edit: I made a Picture of the map to tell you when my fps starts destroy the fun Map http://prntscr.com/kh80fb

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