Lost Connection to Server upon joining Hideout

Everytime I try to join a server that is on the map Hideout, the game will take 3 or more minutes to load, and upon reaching over 90% load time, it kicks me out of the server and tells me that my connection has been lost.

Also since this latest patch, I randomly get the windows noise as though something has been disconnected, and neither my keyboard or mouse continue to work in game, but work perfectly fine outside of the game.

To find a match in this game is really quick for a beta version but everytime i load the to 100% the game kicked me to the main menu and gave me an error such as connection lost, timed out and others. I hope you guys really take this issues seriously

I have the same problem with Hideout. Maybe there is a bad connection to the server that doesn't allow us to connect because we reach the time limit to join?

yeah I can't get into hideout, I assume that it eats all my ram because its unoptimized

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