i am using a packaged HP pc. it has a Radeon HD 8400 0.5GB GPU, and 8GB RAM. and an AMD A6-5200 cpu. is this enough computer to have a good Mudrunner experience?
it works ok, but i can only base it on my set-up. i have not had the opportunity to use a higher end pc.
will individual hardware upgrades make much of a difference? any ideas or recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Happy Holiday Season to all the Muddrunners of the world! Rufus

Ma-a-a-n!Co-o-o-om-o-o-on! Realy???

get a deciated gpu with over 2gb make sure you have a decent power supply over 500watt ...

That thrashes my PC and I can still run MR without any issues...
Mine has a 1GB Radeon HD5770, but only 6GB RAM and slower CPU so I say you'll probably do alright with that hardware. 🙂

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