Very Poor Performance (Frametime, GTX 1080)

For some reason when I join a game I get insane lag and the game is unplayable. It appears to be frametimes around 50ms that is causing the lag/jerky screen.

Also, my FPS seems to be capped at 60 but I have vertical sync turned off in game and in the Nvidia Control Panel.

I'm currently using:
Intel i5 Skylake 6600k
Nvidia GTX 1080
Samsung SSD

Does anyone know of any possible solutions?


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have you tried playing around with resolution? I have gtx 1080 ti and some of the resolutions works for me only in 30hz

From the "known issues" thread

I m having the same problem frame rate issue and using allot of ram too, I have a 8 core GTX950 8G Ram at first i couldn t play it at first, the FPS was dropping in single numbers Here`s what did to make it more playable
Go into settings and set windows to Full screen windows and apply, this increased my FPS to 60 but it will still drop but not as bad as before. this game need to be optimized for sure.

hi, i have a 1070ti and it's same, many fps drop, it's unplayable... ok it's a alpha, now now beta but for test the game i can't play...

I have a 1060 and my frames hover around 50fps on low. It's fun but has to be optimized

The only thing that seems to work is manually changing from Windowed to Fullscreen each time this happens. Otherwise I'm left with insane frametimes as seen above.

When the game is running normally I usually get 70+FPS.

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