First, my specs:

  • i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz
  • nvidia 1050Ti, 4 GB vRAM
  • 24 GB RAM

I've encountered the following issues:

  • Highlighting of player names in the Tab menu often doesn't properly reflect who is alive and who is dead

  • When adjusting video settings to Full Screen using an aspect ratio smaller than the desktop size, the screen will shrink to the smaller ratio into the the upper left corner, like it's set for Borderless. I have to select Windowed or Borderless, click Apply, then reselect Full Screen, and Apply again, and then it changes to Full Screen. This happens every time i start the game or change the ratio.

  • When selecting Rifleman Demolition class as Insurgents, no rifle option is shown, and I am unable to select one in the pre-game character screen. I have to select a rifle after spawn, then re-supply to get it. This doesn't happen too often, and it doesn't affect any of the other items. I haven't experienced this issue on any other classes in or as security rifleman.


  • The M164A, when equipped by the Security demolition class, is missing the front part of the barrel.
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