Grenades and other stuff

Grenades and explosive

At the moment there is a "little" problem of explosives, especially 40mm GL. Playing against security forces is just a freaking nonsense. They throw tons of grenades, don't hesitate to use 40mm GL at point blank spam SMAW. You can have your team obliterated at one point by a grenades rain. For instance it happened several times to take three to five grenades almost at the same time. So ok, this is war, there are explosions, but it's even more than Michael Bay's movies. Looks like they don't fire bullets but grenades.
The classic death being, you are at the doorstep, you take a look by leaning and... KABOOM! The bot died of course (sometimes it doesn't...đŸ˜€ ) but you go for the scattered people's heaven.
The classic death two, you see some ennies at some distance and... KABOOM! Don't even had a chance to even try to escape, you just are scattered around the map by four explosions, you even see some ennies being obliterated by a friendly fire, one bot shooting in the back of an ally.
And they are really deadly in this new game. In Insurgency the GL 40 and 30mm were quite bad, now they're are insanely overpowered. And since this game want some realism, this is a problem.
First, the GL have a firing safety, the grenades can't detonate until they flew 10m or so, it's even longer for RPG can't remember if it's 20 or 30m. So no point blank or close range shooting with them.
Secund, the 30 and 40mm have punny firepower and area of effect. The militaries are complaining against this and this is the reason why for example french army stick with rifle grenades APAV. In the game those 30g of explosive are more deadly than a thermal detonator from Star Wars.

And soldiers should wear less explosives. Sometime you can see four or more dropped RPG-7 or SMAW and GL... Since they fire at the moment they see you, with so many scatterers it's not even a firefight, the side who has more explosive wins. you're hidden five meters behind an ally who has the "bad idea" look where are the ennies and KABOOM, he dies. too bad, you're blown too because the AoE of grenades and RPGs.
So there should be some tweak:

  • GL
    Area of effect decreased to 5m like real ones.
    Lethality reduced to something sustainable like real ones unlike the death ray they are atm.
    Bigger drop from distance like real ones, the best you can have being within 200m at best.
    Safety Distance of 10m avoiding the point blank suicide shot.

Area of effect decreased to 10m or so because you can die at some freaking distance from the impact and being spammed by RPGs is on par with being kicked in the balls when it comes for the fun. You can't do anything but die miserably.
Safety Distance of 20m avoiding the point blank suicide shot.
There is a strange bug with RPG/SMAW, sometime even on my own RPG there is some shadowed rocket and it acts like a spent weapon.

*Artillery and co.
Please, please. It's very frustrating to be inside a building, in a room with no window, being laid on the ground and dying because of an artillery support or same kind of barrage. It's annoying on DoI and I wasn't very happy to see that coming on Insurgency. Yeah not a great fan of artillery and random death from above stuff. Dying from this random stuff is simply not fun but it's even more frustrating when you were hidden and waiting for the heavy rain to stop and die "because reason".

Bots and suppress
When you're shot you have trouble to move quickly and that's ok. But why those bots are going faster when we shoot at them? Would be nice they if they were slowed down too.

Bots and lateral movement
When they are running sideway, They tend to evade bullets magically. Perhaps due to latency - I have around 45/50ms - but doubt since it's quite good.

Insurgents skins
Oh boy... I laughed so much. Some look too funny. The one with the 3 holes hood... I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, and sandals with socks, oh my... Definitively fun as hell but not sure if it's the goal of those skins.

Pickup windshield
I'm quite surprised of the amor protection provided. I put five rounds in the driver's head and he survived. Five FAL rounds... And yes, they were all in the head. Stationnary target, with a 2x scope at 20m or so. I couldn't miss. The moment he exited the vehicle he died but wow... I wished I had the same protection on the machinegun behind!

Sometime I see them just below my avatar, sometime the counter is not there and I have to guess how many currencies I have left.

I really enjoy this new game. Not the arty and grenade spam of course, but sound rendering is quite nice (a little bit meh on grenades and RPG, juste a loud brooom.) it's eyecandy and my graphic card can handle it nicely even if it's not fully optimized. A good mix of Insurgency and Day of Infamy with enhanced visual and sound. Well done and hope this will be even better in September.

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From the first insurgency, you could have 3 different throws for grenades. I've only noticed 2 now? in the first insurgency, you could allow the paddle to flip, and cook the grenade. Or, Hold the paddle and the grenade would begin cooking while in flight. and finally, just the simple underhand toss.

Does the grenade only cook in flight now? because i haven't seen a way to flip the paddle of the grenade to cook? LMB Seems to hold the paddle until throwing, and RMB seems to underhand? Am i missing something? I loved that you had 3 ways to throw a grenade....

yep same same same.the only way i die is this a very cautious player only get 10-15 kills but die 5-10 times from this,,the way i play normally get 10-15 kills and 2-3 deaths..its literally killing me

Agree, far too many explosive deaths. Using cover is pointless. as soon as you look out you get an instant boom in the face. Its like they can see through walls and have primed grenades ready to throw. Please make bots shoot more and rely on explosives to flush out enemy.

Another issue with hand grenades. You can't hear them and you don't see them. It's just... KABOOM. The only chance to evade a grenade is to see the bot launching it and run for your life 3km away because freaking area of effect.

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