Recoil and weapon handling

To start off, obviously because the game is on a different engine weapon handling will not be identical. But as some of the people pointed out on reddit, spraying over long distances seems too easy from the trailers. I think I've found the culprit behind all that in the animations.
Here's a gif demonstrating the differences.
Statistically speaking recoil numbers are actually surprisingly similar between ins2 and Sandstorm, however Sandstorm is missing the final piece of the puzzle, which is the gun moving on the z axis relative to the camera to the same degree that it's doing in Source. It definitely moves, but no where to the same degree. It's not a massive difference, but I feel like this is the final detail that's missing from Sandstorm that can make guns feel a lot more powerful and seems to be something that can easily be implemented.

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@fatsacks Weapon behavior is different in coop and versus

@fatsacks I agree. ak-47 and m4 are the worst ones. they have very little recoil. so far i only play ak/m4 full auto no matter distance. its just so affective. i would say increase recoil a little but the biggest problem so far in my opinion is that when being suppressed or moving a little you dont hit where you aim, i think. this make well placed single fire mode shots pretty useless. but i might be wrong.

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