ACOG sights for security, not insurgents


give acog to the security side, its like the most common scope for the US military. I dont think insurgents ever use acog lol

I really think they should've added PSO-1 4x scopes for the insurgents instead. It's specifically designed for most Insurgent weapons such as the AKs and the SVD.

If insurgents get an acog, i want security forces to have an AK, PMCs use AK's all the time in the jobs SO i want one as well...mainly because I hate most of the security guns.

@asher-050100 Insurgents do have the PSO scope don't they? I used it on an SVD earlier.

@staryoshi06 yeah but I think they should make it a standard 4x for the insurgents. ACOGs are definitely not suiting for insurgents since they're pretty much expensive...

Yes, I 100% agree. The INS should not have the x4 ACOG. However, they can have another kind of x4 Optic, just not the ACOG (It's a security/US optic).

insurgents can own scopes too you know, acog don't only sell to nato forces.

@depleted Yes, INS forces can own scopes too. We have no issue with INS having optics with magnified properties. No doubt, both sides should and DO have x4 optic options. The issue being addressed is that INS don't use ACOG, it's not there thing. However, they do you the PSO-1 (x4 zoom) scopes, which is already in the game, just exclusively under the marksman class.

What Zakcha is saying is to replace the x4 option from ACOG to the PSO-1, which is already in the game. Both are x4 zoom, but they respectively suit their faction. PSO-1 scopes are more suited and more natural on an AK. It just makes more sense logistically.

@depleted You know how much of a backlash they would get if they were selling to ISIS or any terrorist organization IRL?

NWI, please, just, take a good look at this:
alt text
It looks more fitting on an AK, right? So please. Make the PSO-1 the standard 4x scope for the insurgents instead of giving it an SVD exclusivity. ACOGs on insurgent weapons is such a huge bummer for the most of us here.

@mcfosat said in ACOG sights for security, not insurgents:

@depleted You know how much of a backlash they would get if they were selling to ISIS or any terrorist organization IRL?

Backlash? It would be strait-up illegal under ITAR.

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