More of my Ideas/Suggestions.

I have made this thread to consolidate all my ideas into one thread instead of creating a new one each time i have an idea.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to talk about any of the ideas and give your views:


More options to change - There are a lot of options to tweak in UE4 and I personally don't feel the set of pre-sets in game gives enough control over certain aspects. I understand not all users want a huge list of complicated sounding settings but the pre-set's can remain, just add more to the advanced section.

Like can we pick between FXAA and TAA in there, and choose other resolutions, turn off the film grain and various FX separately, have sliders for draw/fog/shadow/ etc radius/distance . Audio settings like max channels to use, sliders for weapons / Tyranid screams separate. etc etc

Im sure you get the idea, just more to tweak 🙂
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Older idea's (separate threads):

New Skill Idea:

  • Summon a Servator/Tech Priest for some time that will repair all friends and can have some melee combat ability in its own defense.

  • Place a barricade that can block a corridor until Tyranids have destroyed it.

  • ...

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