Crash UE4 + EAC

When i launch the game crash with this:
if i push "send and restart" 3 times the game launch well but when start the party this crash appears:
0_1533955841921_Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.10 -
please help.

Someone with this errors have Windows insider?

hello. so after trying everything yesterday I give up and went to bed. Today I was reading on steam forum that for some people games run way better at 4k than 1080p so I tried to set it 4k and fullscreen and so far no crashes. hope this help you to

I have the exact same problem. And I have windows insider too.

@titus666 i have 1080p screen, can i run the game in 4k? How?

Its happends only at this game, i,ve others ganes with ue4 and EAC. Please devs any solution.

@adoesp666 with the lates drivers and your card that shouldn't be an issue. Just tested that in my friends, he has gtx 1060 and 1080p monitor, we run doom for him in 4k full details he was blown away. why exactly dose this work I dont know but I can tell you that year ago with my same TV I was able tu run max 2k

@ossenbuehl doesn't help.
As an ultimate solution, they recommend, clean windows install... beginners...

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