Difficulty option for co-op?

OK, so here what I'm thinking.

You know when you first boot up a single player campaing of your favorite video game, chances are there supposed to be a game UI setting where we can change the game difficulty before I ever begin the campaign or next level. This what I want to see from below:


Here how it going to work. If I were to choose easy game mode(Agent), I want to bots/AI to look very similar to something like we get in Insurgency. While selecting Hard(Perfect Agent) difficulty should be a little more challenging muck like we get in Day of Infamy. With some minor changes. I want the consistency of being deadly accurate has to be buff down. I don't want MG being easily pining us that easily the split second we peak around the corner.

It would be a neat addition if there a game/server MUI that allows us to change the difficulty of the bots/AI either before,during, or after the game. Let me know what you think. I'm open for ideas.

They just need to bring back hardcore and elite from Ins2.

This options i assume will be server sided, not really an user option and it will depend under how the difficulty on the server was set.

I think it might benefit console player if there was a multiplayer difficulty UI as well.

This is beta. The current INS has this already in game via a vote system. I'm sure it will be here past beta. Angry Brutal BOTs for me please, so far I am really liking the AI here. They changed things up for sure.

I think you will also find playing as a team vs running around like a mad man (assumption) will increase your teams success. The BOTs are much harder to beat, when you don't work together. Work as a team, don't care about the leader board and BOTs are ineffective against you. When you defend a counter, don't move, pick a door and watch it. If all the team did this, BOTs can't get in. Instead you get a twitcher that jumps from door to door to window (he might miss something) and they get in through the door he should be watching.

@LDClaudius benefit console players LOVE IT! Thumb jockeys and their "can I play too" setting. 😆

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