Bad hitreg since hotfix today

Never actually noticed bad hitreg before.... since the hotfix i notice way more hitreg issues.

I've noticed a lot of the same thing on bots in co-op today as well. Not nearly as bad before the hotfix.

XD, I can't count how many bullets I but into people when I'm using a semi, I know I used two mags to kill one nerd I should have hit all the shots. its pretty bad lol

@benz said in Bad hitreg since hotfix today:

First shot entered the arm, second shot into the shoulder, third and fourth were misses going behind the targets head into the wall.
I wouldnt say thats just bad hit reg, that's a mix of bad aim and some hit reg issue as you didnt put the crosshair centered on the head.
Always aim center mass at the torso or for the head.

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there was no blood though, so I assume all shots missed?

This video before 47mb patch, but yay issue still there

Youtube Video

P.S. I've post new thread about this bug yesterday, but seem forum mods did not approve my thread. lol

@snuffeldjuret The First 2 Shots were on point! But why is there no blood coming out!

I've had the same is issues. I noticed it most when sniping where i would shoot centermass and the round would either do nothing or it would for some reason be completely inaccurate.

I have noticed that headshot detection seems to be reliable, but I've had 10+ shots to center mass accomplish nothing, even at close and medium range.

The hitreg atm is the worst ive felt in a game since like ARMA 2 Dayz xD

Yep definitely issues, especially at mid to long range. Not sure if they are using ballistics like Arma, but when the sight is steady on centre mass and you get no result this is wrong. If its down to inbuilt instability realism them the scope or sight should be moving to show this, not stay steady bang on target and then the bullets miss.

This may not be ultra realistic and I am sure well aim shots do go astray, but this is a game and if you get the sight on the target you should be scoring a hit.

Let's agree that any round from any of the guns used in game at about 10 meters range will NOT go astray if your sight is on target and the target hasn't moved ... unless you're in a tornado or typhoon 😉 Hit reg is just horribly broken at this point.

The hotfix fixed the vast majority of hitreg issues that our group experienced. Now there's still issues but it's at least better than pubgarbage in that regard.

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@maa_bunny said in Bad hitreg since hotfix today:

I have noticed that headshot detection seems to be reliable, but I've had 10+ shots to center mass accomplish nothing, even at close and medium range.

This is pretty much been my experience. I've gotten matches with half my kills as headshots or better. I've gone from being pretty much semi only to auto only. Between all the issues with hitreg, how easy it is to full auto, and the general BS that happens with bots it just eliminates so many ways to play the game effectively.

I believe there's a both hitscan and bulletdrop system which apply to all of the weapons in the game. With current bad optimization both from the netcode and the server probably it makes the hitreg worse. Or maybe just a bad netcode or poor server performance. They need to fix this in 1 month.

@logike Oh wow, that is bad. Happens most of the time or just that particular match and player? In my playtime never seen hitreg that worse. Shooting from close range feels okay but mid to long shoot it just feels off.

At the engagement ranges typical in Insurgency, bullet drop is going to be negligible. Actually, given a 300 yard zero range which is typical in the US Army, at most ranges we shoot at bullet impact should be above point of aim.

yeah its either hitreg or sight misalignment can't tell which one

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