Speed reloads for shotguns and bolt actions

I'll make this short and sweet.
Speed reloads for bolt actions:
Only applies to partial reloads. When you reload normally with a bolt action, your character holds their hand over the ejection port to prevent losing a bullet. When speed reloading, they don't do this, making it much faster, but losing a round in the process.
Speed reloads for shotguns:
Only applies to empty reloads. Instead of inserting a shell into the chamber, you just immediately start loading, and must pump it before you start shooting. This also means you start with one less round.

I'm no Jerry Miculek, but for a empty shotgun reload the first round always goes into the chamber, then rack forward or bolt release, then you would load the tube.

  • This ensures that you have a live round in the chamber ready to be fire immediately
  • You will max out the weapon's capacity instead of leaving the mag tube at capacity - 1.

@para-mortem Yes but this entire idea is a speed reload, where you are panicked and not exactly worried about slowly putting it directly into the chamber.

Would it even be faster, considering you need to pump it at the end anyway?

Speed bolt reload sounds good.

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