Hit-reg / lag issues

I lately noticed how now I require up to 3 shots from any weapon to an enemy to actually do any damage to him, for example today I was playing Oilfield and shot a bot directly with an SKS 3 times, yet only the 4th shot actually killed him. I had normal 40 ping and no lag issues, only these ones.

I've been having issues with bolt actions as well, shots from these only seem to register half the time. No, it's not bad aim... it's legit hit reg issues.

Noticed that too. Going hitscan is a better deal, bullet physics have a ton of complex calculating and does not pays off.

They said it was a hybrid system; Hitscan up close and then after a certain range the shots will have bullet physics applied to them.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieQC-34xZCc (at 25:08)
Yet, this video show that's not true (unless I'm mistaken with how hitscan works)
I have also traded kills in cqb ingame myself. This shouldn't happen.

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