Was release moved?

@alandauron ugg.. i said i dont read them because they are generally smug and take things out of context didnt say ya did just said i didnt read it and said why i didnt read it you can make it about laziness if you wish but i dont want nor expect you to cater to me just responding to an @ mention you tagged me with. IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE RESPONDED TO DONT @ me. And yes it is disrespectful to not say anything and leave people in the dark. If your argument is people responding to there response are way more disrespectful and warrant this behavior ill accept that argument tho i disagree with it but to think what they are doing is just fine and dandy and these people shouldnt feel disrespected is rediculous on its face. As for weather or not they are responsible to give out updates obviously they are not as i said before if they were responsible im sure someone looking to make a quick buck would be suing them.

@solaire said in Was release moved?:

Why does everyone assume that the game is releasing on september 1st? Seriously you guys need to chill the fuck out.

I dont blame people for raising a stink about it. No information. Nothing but silence. Yet they put in for the pre order. The way they are running things is pretty ass backwards imo. Granted if they got no new news thats fine. But people are gonna get a bit pissy. If they dont give any info by the beginning of september i will consider that they are gonna push it to a later date. Cause show casing and showing off the material takes atleast a few weeks.

@imptastic I took the time to read everything that everyone else stated so it's not too much to ask for someone responding back to me to take the time to read what I stated. IF YOU DON'T INTEND TO READ OTHER'S POSTS THEN WHY ARE YOU ON A FORUM. Now that was a bit smug and confrontational but I was responding the same way you responded to me.

No it is not disrespectful the way things have been handled. I won't disagree if you say that it won't earn them any points and I won't say that no one has the right to be upset because today people get upset over completely irrational things. I also don't think a bit of frustration over no news is without warrant. Attacking the devs and calling them disrespectful is a giant stretch from that warranted frustration though and is what is actually disrespectful. If you paid money, were refused a refund, the release date came and went, the beta was still not available, AND they were still not making any announcements. THAT would be disrespect.

Did you pre-order @CANNED_F3TUS? I mean everyone has a right to speak up as this is a public forum but so far only those that have not pre-ordered seem upset that there is the option to pre-order. So by that measurement they are upset by something that is not affecting them.

The first game was the same, no news until the month it was due for release, then suddenly they announced :

"hey guys games is coming in 3 weeks, the beta starts in 5 days , preorder to start playing the beta"

So like last time, i'm assuming we get the game around the 20th of september, with an update the first week of september or last of august telling the exact date and the beta access

-we know it's a small, very small team
-Salary are extremly expensive in europe (company pays a lot), so having someone dedicated for the communication, i think in that case is done by and handled by Focus, maybe the contract implies minimum communication.
-remember 12 years ago ? It was done the same.

@alandauron I did not pre order. For a very good reason too. Im just pointing out poor business practices that strike me as extremely shady its not like Focus has a banging rep or anything and they can do that. They really dont. All we got is ambitious claims and promises but no footage showing us anything yet we got Pre order option with no system requirements 😃

@canned_f3tus I don't see any ambitious claims or promises, just concepts that they are working on to hopefully remedy issues that they figured out in their first game. They might not have a "banging rep" but they also don't have a bad rep, just are fairly unknown in terms of developers so I don't see how keeping things quiet is bad for them. The worst you can say about them is that it's annoying how little they share with fans, but there's no false info shared.

I also fail to see how this is a "poor business practice" considering all that is being done is keeping things quiet. In fact, "back in my day" lol, it used to be a good thing to not reveal much of anything in regards to games. This would make playing the game completely unknown and you wouldn't create a set of expectations based off what you saw. The fun was in figuring out how to play and what unique things were contained in the experience. It is a different business practice than what has become common today, but it's really not a poor business practice.

The only relevant complaint is the lack of a set of system requirements, but my assumption is that the game isn't gonna be much different than the first, in regards to the stress it puts on a system, so looking at the requirements for that game would give you a pretty good idea.

To each their own, and I understand frustration heck I'm frustrated, but I don't understand the hate and condemnation of the developers in regards to allowing pre-orders and not sharing every detail of the game.

It will come when the Machine Spirits will it.

Some guy on spacebattles was going through the german footage of gamescon and apparently there is both gameplay and a confirmation that the release is still in september.


A German Gaming Magazine talks about release in December

„Bis zur Veröffentlichung im Dezember 2018 für PC müssen sich Fans und Neueinsteiger leider noch etwas gedulde„

Im so sad...

@fosil So now we have an exact date. We have 24 days until launch, which means if they plan on releasing racial trailers like they did last time for the new factions they have that long to do it. If they intend to give the newbies a trailer each they have ~4 day intervals max between each trailer to do so. If they do so for only the truly new factions (ie no Tau protector/craftworld) they have 6 day max intervals. And that’s if they release one by tommorrow.

@yan-ariyoshi I'm inclined to believe that is false.
Until Tindolos/Focus actually confirm a date change, the release is in September.

@caliger_reborn I really hope so, maybe they just got it wrong !

another german source stated that the coop campaign would be released in december, i guess this one got it mixed up with the actual release

just a typical case of ''téléphone arabe''

hearing nothing on the mather from tindalos pretty much proves it, september is still the official release date

Came here seeking confirmed release and early beta access dates.

Am sorely disappointed......

I also missed out on applying for the closed beta because well.... I didn't get any emails or anything, despite having pre-ordered.

I'm really looking forward to the game, but I can't help but feel a little frustrated at the opaqueness of this entire process.

Are they deliberately trying not to hype the game because of what happened last time? I've heard so little about the game, I had almost forgotten I had pre-ordered it entirely!

@xviper your pre-order is for the beta close to a '' couple week '' before launch, the beta that was inscription only was a closed beta for quality assurance and other stuff

the pre-order beta is more of an early access than a beta

@xviper The pre-order Beta hasn't happened yet.

@devilman2197 & @CALiGeR_Reborn

Thanks for that.

Yeah, I understand the pre-order beta hasn't happened yet.
I still would have been keen to have been involved in the closed beta though.

It's amazing that this close to release and I still can't find any gameplay videos of the game? Is there anything out there at all?