Was release moved?

@xviper on that tread you can find some, it's not much but i too can't wait for their marketing team to kick into gear


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@devilman2197 & @CALiGeR_Reborn

Thanks for that.

Yeah, I understand the pre-order beta hasn't happened yet.
I still would have been keen to have been involved in the closed beta though.

It's amazing that this close to release and I still can't find any gameplay videos of the game? Is there anything out there at all?

No, people have been complaining about that in this very thread do to the refusal to actually tell us anything.

There's a french article out there from gamescom saying the release is in December now, though steam store still says 'September'.


So it's possible that they've already decided to push it back and haven't told us so yet.

EDIT- interestingly, the one currently linked by their twitter came out on the 22nd and said September, this french one came out on the 29th and says December.

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I was hoping I was wrong.. but I think it‘s likely december.

It should be an announcement and update in this matter today.

I am actually happy with that. I know a lot of people will be pissed, but I am from Germany and remember games like Gothic 3...better a huge delay than a shitty game.

Release has just been confirmed to be in january, but we're getting two pre-order betas to compensate.

Would rather the game be delayed to for fixes/features than come out and lose players before it was fixed.

delaying a game to make sure its finished is all well and good but announcing it the day before its release window... classic tindelos

Given that there were balance issues to fix, and the game mode needed tweaking, I think it's a good thing they've pushed it back. I would like a bit more communication on here though. Tell us what you're working on, talk to us!

Steam store says January 2019 now, shame I didn't get in the closed beta 😞

I do not complain that game has such a delay. A bold move that they have decided for such a long one but if they need such, very well.

What is infuriating is the way we are leaning such thing. A day before release window and apparently we were the last to informed. Their buddies journalist had much more insight then we had. And what we had last Friday? A fancy trailer, first thing form 7 months and what it brings to us? It is very well made but what new we know about the game then to its? Nothing, all will comes from it is empty hype. How much time and resources they have to spend making it? How many times over they could show us a battle including every single fleet in the game instead? But such presentations are reserved for journalist only it seems. This great trailer brings no answers, only distraction.

Trazyn campaign is nothing?

@ashardalon The necron campaign was announced a long ago. Timeline of the game will be gathering storm . How many Necron Overlords were playing any role during that event? Yes, it is nothing for me and should be no news for anyone who has the slightest idea athe slightest idea about.

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if it was so obvious, why where people not sure
people hoped, and nothing more
their hopes have come true, thats big news
you might not care, but for many its a dream come true
and if they need to find something you care about they would have to announce a delay for 2 decades as ranting is all you care about
that would have gotten you all wet as nothing else could
sad for you the delay is only till january

I’m interested in 6 titles now:

Pathfinder kingmaker - I have no problem whatsoever with this game. People are informed and everybody has a good idea of what this game is about. Will be released this month 25.

DLC to Europa universal 4, crusader kings 2 and hearts of iron 4. Again people are well informed and developers regularly bring new staff to show and openly discuss things.

Darksiders 3 - Once again we know about what and how this game looks like and I have no problem with this game.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 - this one is quite different. Developers and publishers do not care about informing the community about anything at all and community are at last place in there's priority list. If they show things they show it to journalists on closed events or to select groups during tests. The rest can count on months-long silent and mockery.

But no, the problem is just with me because I like to rant for no reasons because this makes me ”all wet”. How a shame that confirming an obvious thing has not the same effect.

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@ashardalon Everyone knew. They said all the characters from TGS, and he was in it.