Hit detection is still *way* off

Regardless of which gun I use, I get more hits when aiming off-target (with no consistent precision (not accuracy, learn the difference) to make things worse) than actually having a reticle on an enemy. W/O moving, I've an Aimpoint on a 7.62x51 weapon to an enemy's upper torso and nothing- not even a blood splatter, let alone a kill. With the Dragunov, I often have to unload an entire magazine to hope there's enough azimuth recoil to actually hit a person.
Also, unrelatedly, thrice now when I've spawned (coop, different maps, loadouts, objs, etc.) my viewpoint is about 10 centimeters behind my head looking at my apparently irresistible neck hairs. Help? (quick fix is dying, but that leaves out a lot of gameplay)

It's also worth noting that with barrels ranging from 300-600mm long inaccuracy of the weapon itself should not be an issue regardless of the caliber.

@aggressiverock quicker fix is going back into your loadout menu and clicking deploy/resupply and it will reset

New patch hasn't really made it better. Unload full clips on people at point blank, nothing happens.

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