Proposal About Steam Overlay Notifications

The pop-up notifications you receive when somebody is playing a game or messaging you, show up on the bottom right corner of the screen, where information about your current mag size/amount are located. That causes the overlay to block said information, creating dangerous situations.

I know some games already have custom locations for pop-ups, so I would suggest moving that, if possible, to the top right or left corners, where information seems to be only related to the beta, or entirely clear.

This is configurable via steam.

@ Kraeyq
You can only tell steam to show or show not the messages. You cannot change the position of that message window !
The only position you can change is the FPS counter 😉

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I disable all Steam notifications pop-ups. Only allow the sound notifications.

Problem is with Steam intruding into the game. For singleplayer games, this isn't an issue, but as you can see in multiplayer, it can cause unnecessary grief.

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