My Experience So Far - Not Playable (Videos Included)

I just realized I posted this in the "general discussions" forum. Just moving it here.

I'm getting 10 fps MAX with an R9 285 gpu (3gb vram), 8gb of system memory and an i5 4670K processor.

I set EVERYTHING on low (texture scale is set to 35 % !!! - minecraft mode)

I also get 140 to 800 ping in servers (EU). My internet is %100 fine.

I exit Sandstorm and go to INS Source and enable net_graph 3 - my ping is 50 to EU servers with no packet loss whatsoever. I exit source and run Sandstorm immediately after checking, same thing.

This is unplayable right now, can't do any testing for the Beta. Can't even move 1 step in-game.

Also for some reason this ping is tied to FPS because I'll get 1-5 fps while I'm lagging under 700ping. Textures will keep loading for almost 3-5 minutes when I enter a server. Meanwhile in the menu I'm getting 100+ FPS.

The game just crashes after about 10 minutes of this and I'll need another 1-2 minutes for my PC to get back to "normal" after exiting the game. It also takes FOREVER to alt+tab back in.

I don't think this is an issue on my part. I was in the closed technical alpha and game was performing way better than this. Please note even then it wasn't performing "well" by any means and I had all of these exact problems albeit with smaller impact. It seems they have since been "amplified" in the Beta.

When I'm trying to get in a server:
Youtube Video

When I'm able to get in a server:
Youtube Video

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I m having the same problem frame rate issue and using allot of ram too, I have a 8 core GTX950 8G Ram at first i couldn t play it at first, the FPS was dropping in single numbers Here`s what did to make it more playable
Go into settings and set windows to Full screen windows and apply, this increased my FPS to 60 but it will still drop but not as bad as before. this game need to be optimized for sure.

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