FPS are to low and i dont know why :(

I do not understand why i have only 25-60 FPS. can you check it pls ?
msinfo and dxdiag. GPU may used her Video engine not heavily and my cpu is chilled also to with 65% usage with streáming. RAM is filled up with all programms in backround to round about 65& to. It is more that my pc is dreaming and the performance from the game goes down. sometimes there are heavy lags instand when my ping are exploding. but i think that is a server problem. but what i dont understand is that when iam fighting in the endzone i stuck at 25 frames and guess what 😃 my gpu und cpu is chilling. the only thing that get my cpu is working is OBS xD

Can you check this ? i have in a rar file my pc specs ( msinfo and dxdiag ) need only a place where i can upload it

here is a link to download the system spec files


Another Question i have is. Why i cant set up the Priority from this game for my cpu ?
Ive got the error message from my task manager : Access not allowed and im asking me : WTF ?! Whats wrong here ^^?