Ok, first of all, I'm really thankful for the NWI development team to address the first issue I mentioned during the closed alpha. The first loading animation now shows a loaded magazine and I'm glad you guys have addressed that issue. But, the second issue still remains, which is the inverted fire selector switch animation. I haven't got time to record the process effectively back in the closed alpha so I did just now in the beta:
Youtube Video

Like I've mentioned earlier, the fire selector switch animation is inverted. The operator here pushed the fire selector downwards for automatic fire and upwards for single-shot fire. Here's a reference image I've already posted in my closed alpha post for comparison:
alt text
In this image, the position "АВ" stands for "Авто" (automatic) and "ОД" stands for "Одиночный" (single-shot). The video I embedded here clearly shows that the animation got it the other way around.