Stuck between silos and a fence on Refinery (screenshots and coordinates included)

I got there trying to make my way down from a building's rooftop by jumping on the pipes, then to the fence (failed here), then to the ground so I wouldn't take fall damage.

4_1533993631407_20180812001317_1.jpg 3_1533993631407_20180812001310_1.jpg 2_1533993631407_20180812001309_1.jpg 1_1533993631407_20180812001308_1.jpg 0_1533993631407_20180812001259_1.jpg

@slazenger I had the same problem!! (that's actually why I logged in to post).

NWI - Can we please have a "kill" function similar to how you can type kill into the console in INS inserted into the game? I was stuck for the rest of the game because I couldn't kill my character off.

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