The current beta performance probably a bit worse than "before" with stutters on every game and maps. After the 10th august hotfix the stutters are now gone but the overall fps are still poor can't hit 30fps on this particular ancient rig (everything set to low). Meanwhile the other shooter games based on UE4 on this rig mostly hit 60fps on 1080p with some settings mixed between low to high.
Other issues that annoy me the most are the fullscreen mode, everytime the game launch its always on borderless mode eventhough the settings are set to fullscreen.
And lastly can we get a proper patching method? need 40gb space just for a 50mb update is ridicolous. And had to rebuild/preallocating the game every update rolled out its time waster.

CPU: Xeon E5430
GPU: GTX 1050Ti 4gb
RAM: 6gb DDR3