Thoughts after first playthrough for an hour...


  • Game feels Amazing
  • Graphics are Intense
  • Loadout is SAVED for Each Operator
  • Character and possible Loadout customization is really cool concept


  • Runs Slow as crap. I have a 1080 ti and runs at 35-40 FPS on medium settings on all 1920x1080, 2K, and 4K resolutions fullscreen on Windows 7 - no difference in FPS between resolutions which is weird. Normally I can run 190 FPS @ 1080p, and 80 FPS @ 4K - high settings.
  • Some maps such as Minery are bright when first starting, then after Pressing ESC the map is darkened tremendously for some reason.


  • When setting keybinds YOU DO NOT NEED TO OVERWRITE OTHER CONFLICTING KEYBINDS even though it prompts you. Simply set the keybind you want... and when it asks "Do you want to overwrite [other keybind]" just click Cancel and the keybind will still be set.

  • if you are running a 4K resolution you must disable Desktop Composition on Windows 7 on the EXE called "InsurgencyEAC.exe"

  • Please tell me you will be issuing private servers... thanks

  • Please add ability for Servers to REMOVE RESTRICTED AREAS, otherwise we will have to mod the server files like we did last Insurgency.

  • Please add ability to change IN-GAME BRIGHTNESS - some maps are extremely dark like minery, otherwise I have to ALT+TAB out to NVIDIA settings to increase brightness (the in-game NVIDIA panel doesn't work well)

Agree 100 %

I have one more request :

Please remove the "friendly forces ICON " on characters when they move behind walls or other objects ( so they dont show the position of other players that you cannot see )
These icons always disturb the immersion !
I never liked those little identification helping icons and could play without them ( but i know that many gamers like them and want to have them as for easier identification )

I doubt that even with todays high end military technology every soldier can see the position of their comarades on the battlefields.

So what about the option to have the possibility to turn them off ? Like in original Insurgency game !?
It is arcadish

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