Some feedback

Just want to share some feedback and suggestions.

First of all, thanks to devs for making the grenade launcher back to NUM1 key. And 2nd of all, I won't bring up optimisations since we know the devs are on to it.


1: Demolition class has too few rounds for grenade launchers. Even with a full carrier, we only have 2 rounds of it. While we can have 3 rounds of RPGs. I suggest we up the amount of grenades, being a grenadier with the launcher, 2 rounds just feels useless. Balance it by making it more expensive so no RPGs can be carried or make it heavier or make other grenades locked.

2: I think using the Gunship support to kill Delta Cache in Push has to be nerfed. Noticed this is Farmhouse map. Commander just need to have a view of the cache building and call in a Gunship to finish it off. Don't even need to approach the fields in the hut. Defenders has no chance to defend.

3: In Push, Minigun Support or any hovering support shouldn't be allowed near spawn. Maybe allow it to be called near objectives but not near enemy spawn.

4: Weapons need to be louder, I feel it is muted or softened when firing a weapon like firing a paintball gun. It needs to be loud and it needs to kick up dust when we fire our weapon.

5: Footsteps needs to be louder. Currently, you can hardly hear any footsteps unless the map is silent.

6: Voice commands needs a timer like what they did with Insurgency Source last update.

7: Grenade mechanics needs to follow old Insurgency, however it will clash with the current mid mouse button used for melee.

8: They need to buff the underhand throw. I can't even lob over a wall.

9: Shouldn't the Security get like M240 instead of M249? Since the Insurgents get a PKM. I mean penetration wise, the M249 loses to PKM, doesn't it?

10: When reloading the RPG, I noticed the art is wrong. Spare RPG rounds don't look like that at all, with visible fins and all.

11: When using the bipod, it isn't very clear if it is deployed because the movement is minimal. It is almost like switching firing mode when deploying the bipod, almost unnoticeable. Or put some form of indicator.

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12: No indication who is talking when team is voice-chatting.

13: Explosives slots in kit menu are backwards in-game when you spawn. Meaning, the first time you press NUM3, the 3rd slot would be first in-line instead of the first explosive slot.

13: The Grenade Launcher uses one of the explosive slots. So even if you have enough points to buy another utility for the 3rd explosive slot, it will not appear after you spawn. If you do not equip any carrier, the Grenade Launcher will occupy the 1st Explosive slot, so any utility or explosive you choose will not appear when you spawn.

14: Unable to switch teams.

15: Unable to kick afk.

16: Unable to mute team mates.

17: Request a lobby chat with party members while waiting for a game.

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18: Map is currently too zoomed out. So it is hard to make out where each other is. I think it would be better if it was zoomed in more. It doesn't need to show the whole map.

19: Whenever a heli is on the scene and it is taking damage, the ping seems to 'skyrocket'. At first I didn't think it was possible but as more and more times the mini-gun heli is called upon in multiple games, the ping just shoots up for everyone on the server (Asia region).

20: The DHsK on the technical should have some ammunition limit or force reloading at some point. I have never reloaded it before, but it did overheat during continuous fire.

21: The laser pointer points at different directions when spectating someone 1st person compared to 3rd person.

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22: Commander spamming "Request Observer" should not be broadcasted to the entire team. It is distracting and should only be "local" or only broadcasted to Observers only.

23: Doors should visually be more obvious if it is facing in or out. It is confusing when trying to open them whether we should step back or not. By making it obvious which way it is facing, we will KNOW which way it swings open.

24: There is hardly any fall damage jumping from height.

25: There is no obvious differences except for range when comparing RPG7/SMAWW and the Panzerfaust/AT4. It should describe or show a stat where the Panzerfaust3 comes with larger splash damage or something.

26: Window frames still show bullet holes after breaking the window.

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