After the little Update on my Sandstorm files today on Steam i hoped so much, that the devs changed some settings to get a full CPU and GPU load.
Well my hope was crashed. No changes were made to get better Performance.
There might be a lot of work to do for the devs, yes, ....... but the most important work should be the FLUIDITY/LIQUIDITY OF THE GAMEPLAY !
This game is full of stutter and does not use all the capacities of the PC Hardware !

At todays point we ( the players and supporters of Insurgency ( 2014 ) and Insurgency : Sandstorm ) are dissapointed because :
there is no reaction of any developer yet in this Forum who actually reacts on all the criticism on game performance ( in detail : the stutter and missing fluidity of the game ).
We expect at least some Post like for example : YES we hear you guys ! We are working hard on this serious stutter problem !

I want to repeat my last Post in this Technical Feedback category hoping to reach anyone at New World Interactive who can solve the MOST IMPORTANT PROBLEM

Here are some screenshots :
ingame 01

ingame 02

ingame 03

ingame 04

Some older pictures ( before last update patch )

ingame screenshot while spectating

post match screen

start screen

Ingame Screenshot at the end of the match victory

As you can see on all the graphs ( using MSI Afterburner as a monitoring tool )

CPU and GPU are not under full load during gameplay ( only 45 - 50 % CPU load AND only 22 - 27 % GPU load MAXIMUM ) !
But why does the game DO NOT use the rest of the GPU and CPU resources during gameplay ????
The GPU has 50 % percent load in start screen and post match screen which produce 199 fps on a static screen ( left top corner : green number shows FPS )

With MAXIMUM load ( 99-100 % ) on CPU and GPU this game could hit the 120 FPS mark easily ( with an GTX 1080 Ti and a Core i7 processor ( just my thoughts ))
I cannot understand the programmers decision to cut the processing power off in an open beta where almost everyone
is very unsatisfied with the performance of the graphics ( and i really often ask other players opinions and experinces and PC hardware during the games).

Right now i play with 55-65 FPS in average but it´s not comparable to Insurgency (2014).
My Monitor Resolution is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

At this stage of the Beta version : no fluid moving possible !
Player feels like moving in an invisible sticky soup.
To better understand me : Just play Insurgency ( the original from 2014 ) and you feel the difference immediatly !
That game is running PERFECT !


Comon developers !
You can´t let people play in an open beta with such bad performance issues !
This game needs 80-90 FPS for Mid-class PC´s and 120+ FPS for high end PCs ( thats why people invest in high end hardware to get the maximum FPS out of it ! )
We all hope so much that you guys can solve this explicit problem, we trust in your abilities !
Please don´t dissapoint us !

Best regards,

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