Antialiasing IQ issues

Antialiasing causes very undesireable effects on image quality. It appears to be some form of temporal AA and it causes very odd shifting/blurring of objects in motion. This is especially apparent in optics, both magnified and unmagnified.

I have had to turn AA down to low(off) due to this.

AA off: 0_1534005361902_20180811182721_1.jpg

AA on: 0_1534005379144_20180811182737_1.jpg

It may be hard to see but in motion, AA destroys the reticle, the pixels shift all over. It even seems to add a motion blur effect to scopes.

Youtube Video

I've noticed that as well. Maybe turning it off in game and using nvidia's control panel to override it could work until there is a "fix"?

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