Honest BETA Feedback

After clocking some game time on the beta, here are my main pet peeves :

  • Though I know it's still a beta and the topic has been addressed more than once, performance is still a serious concern at the moment, especially coming from the super smooth experience of previous NWI games. I know the engine is not the same, the team is small, all optimization passes haven't been dealt with, and so on... but for now, it feels like PUBG in its early days. Crossing my fingers for a much much smoother experience when we hit release.

  • Tied in to this issue as well, lag on most servers is pretty bad. Whether on wifi or ethernet, I have no lower than 88 ms, but really an average of 100-120. I'm hoping things will definitely get better on this front post-release as we'll probably be able to choose our servers and better assess latency before jumping in.

  • Last but definitely not least as it is probably to me the worst of all : hitbox is totally erratic! How frustrating is it to empty an entire (extended) magazine on an enemy at point blank and not have a single shot register, just to get killed by this very same enemy!

As I trust in NWI for having played all their games thus far, I know they will do everything they can to fix most of these issues. But as Jackfrags, LevelCap and others have also mentioned, I am a bit worried that some of these issues may very well be inherent to the game/code/engine and may take a lot more than 6 weeks to fix. Back to PUBG, the game is now barely playable for most people, but even more than a year after release we are still dealing with crazy performance issues so much so that they had to announce a new round of "cleaning" for their game. I just don't want this for Sandstorm.

To the devs, best of luck for the upcoming weeks, and see you at release!

UPVOTE that the devs read this !

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