Please find a way to keep hair with some of the headgear

I know its for clipping reasons but wearing hats like berets or baseball hats should try and keep your hair. It's weird seeing almost everyone in game as bald with any headgear on - especially with females.

Agreed. Such small things is what makes games stand out from the sea of garbage that's out there. Personally I am always a little disappointed if the hairstyle that I spent time to choose just get's shaven to wear a helmet or a hat. Plus it looks awesome with a beret and long hair.

@pakislav that was one of my main gripes in the division is that it already had weak customization face wise and putting on any helmet or hat made you bald.

At least force a hair style with the hats. Berets have short hair for guys/buns for girls, stuff like that.

I also noticed the character models seem too small in relation to the world and some objects.

Another suggestion would be to add some dirt/wear to the uniforms and make them look less noodly. The people look too clean and too small/thin in the world

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