FTW Matchmaking Times

Hey guys. I'm finding from my own experience and from other streamers that the matchmaking time is god awful. I'm wondering if there is some information that can be put out on why the wait times are so crazy. Also why there is currently only EU servers. I've looked and haven't found much information on it. Just word of mouth mostly. Hoping someone can clear this up.
Also, what can be done to spread the word about this game? There are only like 4-10 streamers of it at any given time. More Keys? Give keys to streamers to give away to get more people on it? I don't know. Just trying to help. I feel like this game has a ton of potential and for me gives a really good medium between PUBG and Tarkov. Thanks for looking!

I dunno why they removed the other regions, last period there were more, I think they want to reduce matchmaking time atm by making everybody go to EU servers. For more keys I dont know what can be done, I signed up before the beta from 2 emails, and I received keys for both emails last time, I dont know if the devs are not sending out enough keys, or people are not interested in the game enough yet. However lets hope there are gonna be new players so we dont have to wait lol