Minor issues:

  • list itemThe 'X' key in keybindings causes major issues due to it being bound to 'Toggle Spectator X-Ray Camera' which is nowhere to be found in the game's Binds menu.
    I tried rebinding "Cycle Fire Rate" to F and "Use" to X, but when in game all prompts still appeared as F, but neither the F key (it only changed rate of fire like it should) nor the X key worked.
    I fixed this issue by manually editing the Controls.json file located in
    "C:\Users'your user name here'\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile"
    so that X-Ray Camera Toggle is unbound (bound as "None") and then manually binding the previously mentioned keys to the corresponding actions in the same file.
    Here is some proof that I fixed it, as you can see the in-game prompt now properly changed to X and the button worked as it should. This was not a problem in the alpha, but I assume it wasn't because the X-Ray camera wasn't a thing yet.
  • Sometimes in co-op loading screens the people in the match are depicted as being in opposing teams even though that is not the case.
    Example seen here:
  • Mouse smoothing/acceleration seems to be on by default, but since there is no in-game setting for it I cannot enable/disable it to confirm it. From what I can remember the setting did exist in the alpha and I really don't understand why it was removed if I remember correctly. If I remember wrong it desperately needs to be added.

  • Gun sounds in 1st person not playing sometimes. Unfortunately I do not know what causes it as it only happened once, seemingly at random, when I was using the G3.

Major issues:

  • General game performance is all over the place and not good at all even when stable.
    I can have between 80 and 20 fps and an average of 55 fps with everything on low except post-processing and anti-aliasing which are on medium. I am aware of the scope quality issue from the known issues thread, it is set on low, so just to be clear it is not affecting performance specifically in regards to this report.
    More alarming is the fact that the first time I played everything was on medium and in an attempt to improve and stabilize performance I changed the settings to the aforementioned settings above, however it didn't seem to have any impact at all, I still couldn't average out above 60 fps, even turning v-sync on as someone suggested didn't help (not that it really should help much anyway) and I dipped as low as 22 fps at some point.
    From what I could see on my performance graphs, my cpu was at 90%+ usage all the time while my gpu was only at around 50% usage when at all medium settings and around 35% at mostly low settings.
    Cpu is an Intel i5-4460 (quite weak yes, which would explain the cpu usage, but from what I hear from other people it is the same even with stronger cpus).
    Gpu is a nVidia GTX 970.
    Quite frankly this kind of performance is unacceptable for a game that is due out in 5-6 weeks considering there are bugs that need to be fixed on top of that even if it is a beta, it would be understandable to maybe go between 30 and 60 fps at this point with a stable 50 fps most of the time with all settings on low, not hitting much more that 65 as a peak with my rig, but getting 80+ fps and dipping to low 20s as soon as somebody fires a gun near my face is quite frankly ridiculous.
    However, being so harsh in my words doesn't mean I don't want to see the game have the performance it deserves, I really wish it can and will be done, but it really seems unlikely by the time the full release comes.

  • Scope Sensitivity Scaling is entirely broken.
    First match I go in, I have all 3 sensitivity scalings set to 1.0 hoping that would set it to be the exact same sensitivity as the looking (hipfire) sensitivity. It was, as long as I wasn't using a scope, anything with 1x magnifications was fine, ironsights, holographic sight, everything, but as soon as I get a 4x scope it becomes sluggish as all hell, so I go in the settings, set it to 2.0 as it felt like it was around half as sensitive before, nope, minor difference, still slow, so I set it to 10.0 and it is more or less fine now.
    Now after this match, I close the game to try and fix the keybinding issue, after that I open the game again and play another match, this time the sensitivity on the high magnification scope is huge, just touching my mouse makes me aim all over the place so I go in the settings to lower it again. However, the setting reads 2.0 now, so I lower it back down to 1.0 thinking maybe it somehow fixed itself. Nope, again too slow, so I set it at 1.5, too slow again, I try 2.0 and while it is getting close it is still too slow, so I set it at 3.0 and test again, but now it is too fast, so I go into settings intent on putting it on 2.5 and testing again, but now the setting reads 2.0 again, regardless it seems to keep the numbers I input, just not display them correctly if I close and reopen the menu so I put it at 2.5 and while it is not exactly 1:1 to my general sensitivity it was good enough for me to play.
    However, as I was playing I used the focus aim with a high magnification scope, that overwrote my scope scaling and used the focus scaling, which was at 1.0 since it worked fine with 1x sights, causing my high magnification scope to become sluggish again and since there is no separate slider for high magnification focus, I either have to never use focus on these scopes, which is not an option for sniper rifles since it helps with scope sway, or not use scopes at all, because I can't deal with this problem and I am not willing to spend more than the previously wasted half an hour changing numbers and spinning around in place to test sensitivity.
    All testing was done at 800dpi using the old but reliable move the mouse horizontally across the entire mousepad, same speed and direction each time, using the same in-game starting point for the camera and marking where the rotation ended with environmental landmarks every time.