• Head bob option Enable/Disable
    I know personally head bob in most games makes me sick and this game is definitely no exception to that.

  • Merge Sounds to Global Slider
    It seems like a great idea to separate sounds and give people the option of turning down some sounds but overall it will negatively effect the game i believe, All in game sounds should be tied together to one slider bar, Example: Master Volume/UI Volume/Music Volume

  • Gun sounds seem low even when fighting in close quarters, and long range fighting they seem to lack even more so.

  • Weather Events should be more random, i find that they are usually all the same even if they are voted on by people they should be removed by process of use, meaning you have a list of 10 different effects that can happen as players vote on them they are removed from the list, once the list is finished it restarts and every time the vote appears it chooses from the available weather conditions.

  • Centered UI for inventory the whole UI seems lack luster and out of the way, i get it if your going for minimalist approach but it seems to far to me.

  • Free Look, the ability to look around you in a normal way look Up/Down/Left/Right while moving without the entire character moving in that direction.

  • Enhanced Movement, being able to jump over objects like fences, boxes, etc. Even in the future possibly walls and other obstacles. Going Prone would be another very important thing to look at adding especially with the tall grass and fields of food. Leaning is also another very important option to have for players, i know there was talk of it being implemented but still putting it here.

  • Driving Mechanics ill be blunt are HORRIBLE the controls and sensitivity are so bad i dont even both trying to get a car id rather risk running through the zones.

  • Compass of some kind implemented into the game doesn't have to be static can be something you have to press a key for attached to the wrist maybe, or just a UI Element in general.