Overall is worse than the prev insurgency

I really loved the game and gameplay on the previous one, but this one has shit load of technical issues, man.
I have no idea why did you guys changed the engine, we had to pay more money for them.
It just made low-spec gamers can't play the game, and also drops frame rates. But idk it can be improved because its beta right now. The older insurgency had pretty good graphics and i thought you guys focused on the changing of scale of battles and gameplays. And there are many issues i've been suffering. Like weapons duplicated in customization screen, and when i spawn while i am customizing my gun, i can see inside my character's head. Frame drops, matchmaking ping problems(KR), and the chance to get over some windows or ramps are really low. I have to face them straight and adjust correctly while looking sensitivity is pretty high in game. So I think there needs a lot of things to improvise.

Because source is an extremely outdated engine that is really restricting on what developers can do.

The engine change allows for a lot of new opportunities and is much better overall.

If you're complaining about performance, read their notes on why it's like that right now. Another reason is games get more demanding to run. A game now is more demanding than a game release 5 years ago

Dude, it's Beta! There are still more issues to resolve and that's OK!

@ninellie Eaxctly, UE4 allows the developers to add a lot more content and fixes post-launch and support the game for years with free updates.

This is a beta. Not even the final beta. It's not early access. We are literally just testing for a couple of days to help devs fix some stuff.

@kojubu Get on youtube and look at some of the INS2 beta footage. It didn't run that well either and had its fair share of issues.

Now look at the polish and quality of INS2. This is how their development process works.

@pakislav What do you mean this is not even early access? The game is scheduled to be release in 1 month. How much do you think they'll be able to fix by then? 😉 If they can fix all the obviously broken things in 1 month, I'll be really surprised. If they're doing 2 week sprints, this is a couple of sprints to work on what are some very complex issues. So don't lie to yourself saying they'll fix all the issues before it's released. You're setting an expectation that's impossible for them to keep.

The release date is no doubt being driven by the publisher which will no doubt give us another broken game at launch. My only regret at this point is having pre-purchased based on what I experienced from the old Insurgency (both game and mod).

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@mEh A publisher was an unknown you should have taken into consideration while forming your expectations and since your expectations are the only thing at fault here this is a completely pointless discussion.

What do you mean my expectations? My expectations were to find a mostly ready game at 1 month before its release testing. I didn't set any release date! 😃 I'm just a software developer and I know this kind of issues don't get fixed in a couple of sprints and I doubt any development team wants to release a product in this state, so that leaves the publisher to be pushing the release of the game as is 😉

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