Hello, just a few suggestion to improve the games

  • For the scope it will be fantastic if in the x2 Holographic for example we can Swicth betwin x1 and x2 like in reality ( Even if the cost is more important)
  • The gunner class and demolition need to destroy the Caches more faster that other class in my mind, it will improve the team Work.
  • Why did you remove the bullet selection ? It will be great if we can select a normal bullet or a penetrative bullet ( I put 3 Bullet of Sks to kill a guy )
  • Hit detection and lag probably
  • Sound are amazing !!! Just the sound of the Supressor who look like a bit arcady to me.
  • Put a Quick Loader ( Like a dobble loader in Weapons amelioration ( A loader with some tape to put a second loader and improve the reloading time)
  • Night Map ? and if you put night vision, Infrared Laser sight ?
  • Improve the size of the laser ? very hard to see now, low utility
  • Add ( Like dobble Tap F ) a selection for Breach the doors with the Feet ? because it's very Hard to breach a doors for me x)
  • For me Explosive Mine look like very difficult to plant !

Technical :

  • Can you add an option to select for the Vegegation , to select the type of rendering ( On my PC and other the Moving vegegation is Flashing Back and make the game very disgracefull to see so if you we can select a Low vegetation with no mouvement and no Glitter it will be great
    -> Vegetation Glitter ( Flashing Back)

Otherwise, wonderfull game, love it , thanks