14h into Sandstorm. My thoughts

Hey guys,

Been playing Insurgency since when it was a mod and then the 2014 with about 700/800h on both combined and some 2000h on other shooters like R6 Siege, Squad, Ironsight. So I'm about 14h into the beta and there's not much positive I can say at this point as way too many things break the immersion for me. Without any order, here are my pain points.

Hit registration is simply broken. Due to this the game is unplayable on PVP and just frustrating on Coop. Shots simply don't register even at point blank range. I've seen a few comments on the forum saying the servers are probably overloaded as it wasn't this bad for the Alpha phase but you also knew the rough number of people you could realistically expect to play so not having servers up for this just tells me you may adopt the same approach on full release.

Shouting everywhere. Yelling out when you're being suppressed is fair enough but when you become the last man standing and you yell "where did everyone go?" ... how is that realistic? I'm surrounded by enemies and now I'm screaming out? Breaks the immersion for me. This needs a serious tone down as this kills the organisation needed for competitive game-play. The player needs to be in control of the sounds he's making or any tactical advantage he has just goes away randomly.

Vaulting does not work. Sliding on walls because I wasn't exactly aligned with the vault .. it's in a sad state.

Radio Spam. The amount of team mates I've had to shoot in the back of the head due to incessant radio spam is a bit too high. We should just have an option to mute a player completely. All those team kills are on you for not implementing the most basic of features in a FPS past 2010 😉

Aim down sights just feels slow. Almost as if I'm 80 years old and in a gun fight. These are warriors not retired bus drivers who never picked up a gun in their life. It should not take them a full 2 seconds to aim down sights, specially slow for anything over 2x scope. I play airsoft with full metal replicas and even for me, a couch potato, the timing of the ADS is just ... off. Feels like you're trying to offer the ironsights guy a bit more time when meeting a 3x/4x opponent. Breaks immersion.

Grenade throwing physics ... have a look at any other shooter please. It's like I'm throwing something like with very high wind. Also, underhand throw can't clear the smallest of walls. 2m high? Can't lob a grenade over it ... but I can straight throw it down the street! Make this consistent please. Squad is a good example on grenade physics done right.

Flash grenades 100% blind you and instantly disappear when their effect is gone. There's no gradual come back from a flash, no gradual affected if you're a bit away from it.

Unlocks - Really? Unlocks? the best thing about insurgency was the no-nonsense of all other typical shooters. You're trying to appeal to a larger player base I get it ... just doesn't appeal to me.

About Bots

Bots are all on roller blades! Bots will just fast forward to the next location and when you combine that to the broken hit registration makes them borderline impossible to hit. Breaks the immersion again.

Bots wallhack. Flat out bots are shooting at people before they can ever see them, specially so through smoke. Feels like the AI on them got about zero polish and was just reused from some old school title like quake 3. Also bots just spam frags, RPGs and grenade launchers. If this was intentional to keep the "challenge" up with a lower amount of bots, then you need to add more bots and make them realistic. Yes, this eats up more CPU on the server but it's a far better experience for the player.

Bots just randomly spawn behind you with scripted triggers as if this is a single player COD. Suddenly that house that you just cleared has 5 guys inside it, behind your back. Just not interesting and again, immersion breaking.

Bots are clueless until they 180 snap and shoot you in the head. It's not very consistent. Bots seem to be on a random trigger to become murder bots. They stand in front of you completely clueless for a random amount of time until they become the terminator and 180 no scope you. Please give this AI some love, make the skill level consistent and possibly add levels of difficulty.

I've probably forgot something but I guess this is good enough to start with 😉

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For some reason the forum posts need approval to show up? This doesn't sound very normal as forum policy. It's almost as you want to control what actually gets to show up on the forum which leads me to think most of the "honest" feedback isn't even here.

With this said, I'd like to add that at 14h in I feel the previous pain points more and more to a point where I can honestly say this game isn't ready to be release in September. Please push back on this delivery date and fix the game. Right now the game is in a extremely poor state.

Also, on Push mode on previous Insurgency mod/game the map clearly outlined a "front" with plenty of room for flanking but the new maps are just poorly designed. You can easily creep up behind the whole enemy team coming from their spawn. This was already a problem before with defence being able to almost push towards the attackers spawn but now it's ridiculous. It's like the people working on this game never played the previous one.

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It's only the first post that needs to be approved, so don't worry. I've seen some heated discussions here, nobody is censoring.

You're right about the status of the game though, imho. So far i'm disappointed with the Beta (played the Alpha too), even going so far as to questioning wether all the work we put into reporting issues and giving suggestions in the Alpha was worth the time, because nothing major has been fixed and new problems arose.

However, despite the gray clouds i'm confident NWI will get this done properly. It may need some time, but they'll get it done.

@Feuerholz - I have to agree with you about questioning whether the concerns we raised in the Alpha were even acknowledged, let alone actually dealt with. Rank 24ish, 30 odd hours of game play, and the beta doesn't appear any different from the Alpha. I was constantly posting issues with the alpha, however I am not even bothering with the beta as if no recognition was even given of thanks to the players helping the devs out or even any of the issues appearing to be resolved, then why would the beta be any different?

On saying that though, I am sure it will come right in the end, just take time, just disappointing that nothing so far appears to have changed.

I got shot earlier by a bot who had only his torso visible as the rest of him was buried into the floor. The hit markers are horrific. The amount of leading you need to do for a 100 odd metre shot is totally unrealistic, and really frustrating, to which the bots just spin around and take you out from a single shot from the same distance.

This game has an awful lot going for it, and in my opinion, has more good than bad, but some of the bad are really bad, and just make it frustrating to play....even more so that nothing appears to have been fixed from the alpha stage

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