To start, I am a senior software engineer at my company I work for. I have twenty years of troubleshooting experience when it comes to the issues I'm posting about.

I am not cementing the validity of any testing I have done against these issues, but I am trying to voice my disdain about not being led in a more helpful direction by the anti-cheat engine.

EAC has kicked me from matches a total of five times now, after playing two matches successfully.

The first three kicks occurred for "Authentication Failure", but this vague description doesn't tell me what exactly happened, or how I can remedy this issue.

After quitting in frustration, I returned later last night, and was then kicked another two times (back-to-back) for "Kicked by EAC: Violation" -- without ANY additional information as to what "violation" I had committed.

I am a software developer by trade and I have numerous applications open. I have been forced into finding the singular app (out of a literal dozen at one point) that was causing an improperly-programmed anti-cheat engine to kick me from a game.

I refuse to do that for this game. I need some feedback from EAC, or in a log, that will tell me the exact reason I was kicked, so I can take action as an end-user to remedy the offending action directly.

Any known applications that cause EAC to freak out, or any advice on debugging this issue (not reinstalling EAC, that's idiotic and not going to resolve an issue where an offending piece of software is still running concurrently with the game), would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.