Hey developers,
Love the Idea , Love the concept, But games got problems..
Biggest of them all?
Way too much damage
Lesser PvP


  1. If I am in infected zone, no chance for me to survive if I am little away..
  2. PUBG car damage is ok, you hit so hard you get damage, But in FTW , there is no way I would get damage if I hit car that slow...Very light hits get you damage, I tried it alot to confirm.
  3. Too much wolves, There are 2 type of games, a) PvE b) PvP its both.... but......
    PvP happens very little because too many wolves and too many deadly things.... Make less damage and less wolves...
    People play it for PvP trust me. not PvE...

Now Pros
Aesthetics = Awesome
FPS = Good but even at 60 fps game feels jittery, dont know whats reason
Graphics = Great but .. No... make textures softer , they feel hard ( i dont know , thats best way I can describe, like windows 10 feels soft vs windows 7 😃 that kind of hard)
Guns animation = Best of all... You guys really worked for that , its obvious....