My 2 big issues with the BETA so far...

  1. Terrible CPU laden optimization I cant even use 30% of my overclocked 1080 because it is so poorly optimized on the CPU Side.... i am running a i5 6600K @ 4.7 Ghz with 32GB DDR4, and the CPU is maxed out 100% of the time on all 4 cores. what the hell?
  2. Shot registration is absolutely horrid. I have single tapped a guy in the head 4 times before it registered a single hit.... or dump a mag into an AI through a door only for them to take no damage, you may want to delay launch and get these two issues sorted.

I really hope this game gets some more polish because I really like what dose work, the feel of the shooting and the AI are really realistic, barring some odd bugs with AI movement, and the piss poor shot registraion. I also would really like to see some more weapon variety, as well.

The Good:

  • Graphics are decent.
  • freedom of movement
  • weapon feel
  • sound effects/environmental impact
  • weapon models are pretty decent.
  • modes and map size are quite good.
  • co-op is super fun,
  • PVP multiplayer is alright, would be a lot better with net-code optimizations.

The Bad:

  • CPU Laden performance optimization (I have a very powerful rig, and running a very clean windows 10 tweaked for gaming performance, everyone I have played with also reports horrible CPU optimization as well.)
  • Shot registration is absolutely terrible, this may tie in with the game optimization issue, but god damn there is nothing more annoying than dumping round after round into an AI's noggin and not having them lay the fuck out, yes i am hitting them, and it also happens while the AI/Player is stationary.
  • AI snap shooting with grenade launchers at point blank range, or rapid firing 2-6 grenades almost simultaneously wiping multiple people (no its not arty)
  • no ability to kick serial team-killers, and window-lickers who troll the current beta player base.
  • weapon variety, nowhere near enough, feels like just 1 or 2 over the original insurgency.

Thanks for the good work so far and I hope that it keeps coming along to be a great game like the original insurgency is/was.