Hello! Beta seems pretty fun so far. Just wanted to call attention to one thing that I thought was a glaring issue. Vaulting over low walls or through windows seems a lot less precise than it should be, and I think that how "slippery" walls are could be the cause. I've noticed that if you run up to a wall at anything less than a perfect ninety-degree angle, your character slips and runs one direction or another along the wall and past whatever you're trying to vault over. I've also noticed that the vaulting system seems pretty picky about where exactly you stand before it gives you the vaulting prompt.

It's very frustrating to push through an alley as a group and make it to the OBJ building just see three or four players struggle for 15 seconds to get through a window and all get killed because they got stuck out in the open.

I understand that the beta exists so stuff like this can be found and addressed, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to help find issues like this. I'm sure that the finished version of this game will be flawless.