Vehicles are cool as heck and I love them, glad to see more uses for IED's and launchers other than just spawnkilling.
Sound design is fantastic as always, and the wealth of customization for weapons scratches all my gun nerd itches.


  1. Movement is way too fast while strafing, moving backwards, or crouching. The game has a floaty, arcade-y feel to it now that in my opinion is the largest threat to the feeling and playstyle of the game. Fast movement rewards rushing and full aggro tactics like the kind we see in Call of Duty games. I play insurgency to get away from that style of FPS. Please reduce the caffeine intake of those soldiers NWI.

  2. Recoil feels very light, and is way too accurate and controllable while moving. I cannot stress enough how difficult it is in real life to accurately fire an automatic weapon while moving, and the game should reflect this. This again contributes to the floaty, arcade feel that I despise, and rewards rushing and sprinting. You shouldnt be able to accurately hip fire a PKM while advancing, cmon guys. The recoil in insurgency felt a lot better, I would go back to that.

  3. Not a fan of the ultra close quarters maps, which AGAIN create issues with the speed of movement and the lack of recoil. So far my experience is people rushing around corners and full speed, and other people hiding in them. It really lacks a feel of moving up and advancing, of working with your team to get a foothold and push an attack, or hold a defense. Everyone is just everywhere.

  4. As many others have stated, the character models and FPS issues are worrying for early investors in the game such as myself, but as a player of insurgency since the 2007 mod's release, I trust that NWI will do their best to fix these issues by the launch. Therefore I consider them honestly less important the things I mentioned above.

The way the game feels is the most important part of Insurgency in my opinion. It is about atmosphere and immersion. If I want fast fps action, Im not going to be playing Sandstorm for it. Please keep it pure guys.

Much love and support, can't wait to see it finished.