Another player catched the ball after it scattered when the designated player has failed to catch it. No turnover - WAD??

The sequence of events:

  1. Vampire number 1 passes the ball (short pass) to Vampire number 2.
  2. Vampire number 2 fails to catch the ball.
  3. The ball scatters and is catched by Thrall next to Vampire number 2.
  4. The Thrall is able to make a move like nothing happened.

Is this working as intended?

Before that situation I thought that a failure to catch results in a turnover, regardless if another player on the same team manages to catch the ball? Or was this allowed because Thrall still had movement point left (he didn't move before catching the scattered ball)?

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Its always worked like that on the PC versions. I dont know the exact wording in the rules, but its as intended.

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As per the rules. A failed catch alone is not a turnover, but the ball ending up not in the hand of one of your players is.

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

I thought I will ask in case I encountered a rare bug that should be reported.

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