Alright so I've noticed a couple things other than the perfermance issues with optimization and stuff which I'm sure the devs are well aware of.

The first thing is the ability for two people to kill each other at the same time with guns. This is good and realistic and all but in a competitive scenario if it comes down to a 1v1 and both players shoot each other dead whose to say who wins?

I'd also like when your spectating others for it to automatically switch to someone alive. It's just a convience thing though, doesn't make too much sense to spectate your own dead body and have to switch to others manually.

I've also seen some other people say this, in coop the bots love explosions way too much. I'd like to not get blown into oblivion right after respawning by a bot with an rpg.

Love the game and I'm sure with some tweaking, optimization, and polishing it'll be a great competitive game.