Unable to respawn during skirmish?

I just played a round of hideout skirmish today, and in that match, both caches were destroyed, and 0 waves on each side. Our team then capped C, and the entire team was respawned, except for me for some reason. Happened multiple times as well, I think around three. The first time, I just chose a different class, and I wasn't spawned in. The second and third time, I was just looking at the leaderboard.
Any help or any reason why this would happen?

This happened to me too, also in skirmish but I forget the map. In my case we still had respawn waves, but I just wouldn't respawn. I think it took around 3 rounds of respawning for me too before it let me back in. I also appeared to be the only one on the team unable to respawn.

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