1. Game starts in Borderless Window instead of fullscreen. This is a known issue to my knowledge, I just hope the devs are working on it.

  2. Desktop notifications from third-party chat programs (Telegram) sometimes minimize the game. I know this might not be something the devs can address but this doesn't tend to happen in other games, Insurgency 2 included.

  3. I want to say that fullscreen mode looks a bit darker than borderless mode in terms of color balancing, but I'm not really sure and screenshots don't show the difference. It would be nice if there was a brightness/gamma slider in the video options menu.

  4. After the hotfix, I have been experiencing audio stuttering, particularly when there are many sounds being played at the same time. All of the in-game audio starts to chop, including gunfire and voice comms. It might just be my computer but I only started to notice it this evening.