Unknown Issues/ Not discussed


  • MidWest player connection Problems: For any player living in the midwestern United States or Canada there have been no servers provided In order for players to play a game without lagging. When players have connected to the servers on the East and West coast, there are horrendous issues with connection. The fact that no servers were made for the MidWest screwed over a lot of the people wanting to play this game from those areas. One might conclude that I have bad internet, but I don't. I have tried from 5 different internet sources within my community. They all were Comcast 250mbs and they all struggled to connect to the Eastern and Western Servers.

  • Ping Disturbances: When playing the beta I have noticed that When playing the game, Instead of averaging the usually 90-130 ping, I would instead get 400-1000 ping. This would not just be me though. This would effect the entire team. Everyone in a lobby would see there ping skyrocket and only minutes after, would everyone stabilize in connection. This has ruined matches for me and many players. These events have occurred for only one team, While the other just has normal connections.

  • Character Skin Glitch: Anytime a player is either shot to death, instead of the normal white, brown, and tan skin color, the player's entire body would turn black. It would look as if the player was a burned corpse.

  • Player model visual glitch: When customizing or spawning in, the first thing you see is your entire face. You will see your eyes and mouth about an inch away in front of you.

*Animations for leaning: Most animations for leaning aren't smooth. They consist of almost an instant lean without the process of leaning. This looks like a person teleporting while leaning in different positions.

*Long range animations: When sniping or viewing an enemy from far away, their won't be a consistent animation of a player running. Instead, the player will teleport every few steps making it impossible to actually hit them.

*T Pose when dead: When Destroying a helicopter or truck with people inside the vehicles, when they die, their player model will do a T-pose within the vehicle. Also, their body would just spaz out in the vehicle and just end up staying that way the entire game.